Publications & Outreach


Public History:

‘Huisdealer. Paradiso en het Nederlandse gedoogbeleid’, 50 jaar Paradiso website of Amsterdam Museum , April 3, 2018,

‘De vele gezichten van het Nederlandse drugsgeschiedenis’, Blind 52 (November 2019).

Appearances in Media

‘Voor drugsdealers zijn het ook zware tijden’, Radio EenVandaag, April 27, 2020,

‘Natuurlijk heeft het coronavirus ook invloed op de Nederlandse drugsindustrie’, VICE, March 20, 2020,

Conferences and Events Organised

Witness Seminar Heroïne-geschiedenis Heerlen, Brightlands Smart Service Campus Heerlen, 6 September 2019.

‘Naar de Klote’, Paradiso Amsterdam. Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy in the context of the history of Paradiso, 26 September 2018.

‘Drinking and Drug Policies in History: Contextualizing Causes and Consequences’, Alcohol & Drugs History Society Conference 2017, Utrecht University, 22-25 June 2017.


Wereldgeschiedenis, BA Geschiedenis, University of  Amsterdam

University Guest Lectures

‘Liberal and pragmatic? Deconstructing the ‘Dutch approach’ to drugs use’. Myth-busting the Netherlands, BA History, University of Amsterdam, 1 December 2017.

‘Street Prostitution Zones in the Netherlands during the 1980s and 1990s’, Themavak Stadgeschiedenis II, MA Stadsgeschiedenis. University of Amsterdam, 20 November 2017.

Lectures & Presentations

‘Turbulent Tolerance. The importance of local (Dutch) drug policies and their history’. Alcohol & Drugs History Society Conference 2019, Shanghai University, 13 June 2019.

‘Regulating Paradise. The Rise and Fall of the Housedealer’. Conference ‘Cannabis: Global Histories’ at Centre for the Social History of Health and Healthcare (CSHHH) Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, 19-20 April 2018.

‘Tolerating cannabis before the coffeeshop era’. Cannabis Expert Meeting, Canadian Mission New Brunswick, University of Groningen, 17 April 2018.

‘The Rise of the Coffeeshop, Local cannabis policies in the Netherlands’. Alcohol & Drugs History Society Conference 2017, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 24 June 2017.

‘Abolishing Needle Park, Changing local drug policy in the Netherlands after the advent of HIV/AIDS.’ (Extended version). Seminar at Amsterdam Centre for Urban History, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 23 March 2017.

‘Abolishing Needle Park, Changing local drug policy and drug debates in the Netherlands after the advent of HIV/AIDS. A casestudy of the city of Arnhem.’. Conference ‘AIDS, Drugs, and the Histories of European Public Health Policies since the 1960s’, University of Basel, 6 October 2016.

‘How different are the Dutch and German (illegal) drug policies?’. JU Garching Symposium ‘Let’s talk about drugs’, Garching, Germany, 4 October 2016.