Current Projects

Urban Challenges, Urban Answers: Drug policies at a local level in the Netherlands since 1945.

Since 2016 I’m researching the local history of drug policy in the Netherlands. My specific focus is on the history of drug use and policy in the cities of Amsterdam, Arnhem and Heerlen. I hope to defend a finished PhD-thesis in the form of a monograph in 2020.

Part of the Project: The Imperative of Regulation: local and (trans-) national dynamics of drug regulatory regimes in the Netherlands since the Second World War. See also the website of NWO.

Drugs Playlist on Spotify

A Playlist full of songs and artists referencing intoxication, drugs or drugs culture. It is a collaborative playlist and all genres are welcome. Currently, it is not in a definitive order. I’m slowly putting them in order chronologically and per genre. You can find the playlist here.

Drugs Graffiti Collection

I try to find and photograph drug-related graffiti. In the future, this collection will be uploaded on this website.